Antisemitic attacks up in Manchester

In a comprehensive article from The Manchester Evening Times, shocking figures show anti-Semitic incidents have soared by nearly 80 per cent in Greater Manchester over the last year.

Security has already been stepped-up on Jewish schools and synagogues in Manchester, Salford and Bury since the attack on the Jewish supermarket in Paris in January.

Some Jewish people have gone further to ‘hide their Jewishness’ for fear of being attacked in the street.

Steve Lewis, 45, from Prestwich, said: “I try to not look overtly Jewish. I’m not going to take the risk. I’m not looking for trouble.

“Some Jews call me a coward. They say you should wear your religion with pride.

“And maybe they have a point but personally I would rather go about my business incognito. It’s a shame I have to be concerned about that but it’s a reality.”

See ASWs previous commentary on similar reactions to the problem here.

Yonah Saunders, 21, added: “I have had eggs chucked at me, Nazi salutes.”

“People have made gun noises at us and said “Pow Pow. You’re dead Jew.

“All we want to do is live a good life.”

Analysis of the figures from the Community Security Trust suggests there has been an increase of anti-Semitic attacks carried out by Muslims during heightened conflict in Gaza.

Mohammed Amin, co-chair of the Muslim Jewish of Greater Manchester, said the Muslim community cannot hide from the statistics.

He explained: “It’s quite clear that what happens in the Middle East does have an impact in the UK and Manchester.”

“I am personally dismayed that significant number of anti-Semitic attacks carried out by Muslims.

“We cannot hide from the statistics. Even if you have strong views on what is happening in Gaza, nothing justifies violent behaviour in the name of what is happening overseas. That will never help any Palestinians.”


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