ASW launches major survey into Antisemitism in the UK




Since our launch, has successfully developed towards its goal of becoming the leading information and discussion portal on Antisemitism. Although UK-based, our up-to-date global coverage is based on our firm belief that only by understanding the world-wide context can the evil and harm of Antisemitism be effectively challenged.

However, as our coverage has demonstrated we are fully aware of the growing concerns about Antisemitism in the UK. We fear there is a potential harm in a reliance upon officially recorded figures to highlight the real levels of Antisemitism experienced by Jewish communities and people in the UK. refuses to ignore the potential of significant under-reporting and recording of Antisemitism. This is one of the primary aspects this survey seeks to examine.

It is essential, therefore, to precisely clarify what we mean by Antisemitism:
In simple terms, Antisemitism is hatred, bigotry, prejudice or discrimination against Jews. However, we take it one step further and say that Antisemitism is also anything that the recipient perceives to be Antisemitic.

Link to survey here.

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