Hollywood synagogue attacked

Yesterday the walls of the B’Nai Sephardim Synagogue in Hollywood were daubed with Antisemitic graffiti.

According to local10.com everything from perverted pictures to the words “(Expletive) the Jews,” to “We’re watching you,” were scribbled across the walls.

“(This is the) first time it has happened,” said Rabbi Leol Benhamu. “To see such a horrible scripture, a horrible thing — unfortunately I don’t know why.”

2015-03-18-07-47-27-957591580Benhamu said someone entered the area of the synagogue still under construction and, with a can of spray paint in hand, went out of the way to paint the hateful messages.

The rabbi said he believes it happened sometime Monday night.

“Our children, they look at those words and they say, ‘Daddy, are we being persecuted? Daddy, what’s going on?’ They will be afraid to come to synagogue.”

He said he’s hoping Hollywood police will increase its presence in the area for piece of mind. He also encouraged those who snuck into the building to stop by and speak with him to try and resolve the problem.

“If you have a problem with the community, or Jewish people, come sit down and we’ll talk. We are open 24 hours here,” Benhamu said.

This is one of numerous anti-Semitic incidents that have happened at synagogues across south Florida in recent months.

The rabbi said he is updating the synagogue’s security system.


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