Election day payback!

AntiSemitismWatch.com has previously posted on the shocking Antisemitic event at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) when Jewish student, Rachel Beyda, was quizzed by members of the student government (USAC) about whether her Jewish identity presented a ‘conflict of interest’ in her application to join. They questioned her ability to make unbiased decisions on cases in which the Jewish community had a vested interest while being active in Jewish organisations on campus.

In a case of classic election day payback, the ruling USAC coalition (known as LET’S ACT!) has been roundly thrashed by the Jewish led opposition group (BRUINS UNITED).

As it turned out the Beyda incident was just one in a long list of such concerning matters. This included  USAC filing a case against two council members who had ‘dared’ to vote against a BDS proposal, claiming two had violated conflict of interest rules by receiving a free educational (Birthright) trips to Israel. Also, according to The Daily Bruin (the University’s own student newspaper) a series of documents leaked on Facebook April 27 appeared to show members of LET’S ACT! illegally channeling money from student fees and selling alcohol and marijuana to fund their 2013 and 2014 campaigns.

The scale of the election defeat for Let’S ACT! (LA) was exemplified in the vote for the office of external vice president where for only the second time in the 21st century LA were denied the office. In total BRUINS UNITED (BU) one by 8 seats to 3 (with 3 independents). After their election victory BU promised to ensure the student government office would not pursue any particular group’s political or ideological agenda.

Click here for a video of the election day victory.

According to Legalinsurrection.com,  at a post-defeat gathering one of LA’s few elected council members alleged racism played a part in their defeat. She said, “They hate me because I’m a brown Muslim woman, They hate me because I have passed divestment on this campus.” and that “they will try their hardest to kill me”.

However, even according an editorial from the student’s own newspaper, LET’S ACT!, “must take steps to rebuild student trust” after, “an election cycle riddled with enough scandal and damaging rhetoric to rival the national political stage.”

The editorial continues, “If the slate (LA) wants to survive another year, its leadership must learn from the myriad of missteps and critical oversights of the past year that alienated it from communities at UCLA and ultimately resulted in Friday night’s crushing loss.”





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