What did respondents to our Anti-Semitism survey have to say – direct quotes!

On 1st July 2015 AntiSemitismWatch.com presented to the world the results of its unique survey concentrating, for the very first time, on the Ultra Orthodox communities in the UK.

Here we present a range of the direct quotes respondents left in answering our survey:

Q5 asked respondents what the nature of the Anti-Semitism was that they had witnessed or experienced? Comments left suggested that a significant source was the internet, including;


“Social media”


“In the media particularly via BDS movement etc.”

Q7 asked why some respondents had witnessed / experienced Anti-Semitism but not reported it? Comments included;

“Police do not look to see it as hate but as just anti social behaviour.”

“Police and CST wast of time.”

Q10 asked respondents if they believed the long-term future of the Jewish community in the UK was viable and / or secure? Comments included;

“I believe the present Government is concerned and are taking steps, such as policing at synagogues, Jewish schools etc.”

“There is definitely a problem with regards to situations in Israel and the incitement by the British media against Israel as this has a direct effect on the local community.”

Concern was also expressed by some respondents on the impact of Islam.

Under the ‘any other comments sections?’ respondents suggested;

“We have to work with other communities and unite to combat prejudice. Peaceful but determined working together.”

“If I heard anyone being negative about Jews I would go mad. We have to all stand up to anti-semitism. The media should do more.”

“Nice to see police really heavy on patrol especially in the Jewish holiday seasons.”

“As a Muslim I have noticed that a lot of young British Pakistani youths are totally misinformed about people who are Jewish and their distaste for them is historical. In other words their families have brought with them from Pakistan a serious Anti Semitic viewpoint of which they try to justify religiously. Totally unacceptable!”

“Because we are rather ‘in the sticks’ we don’t have the same amount of problems as in the bigger cities, although of course this could change as more and more houses are built and our population gets larger.”

“The community needs to come together on this with one voice and be supported by police and politicians and media.”

“The virulent anti-Israel rhetoric that is being heard on a regular basis (even from certain sitting MPs) is often a mask for anti-Semitism, and is fueling rising prejudice towards Jews. Biased reporting of Israel from major news outlets is further inflaming the situation.”

“Anti Israel media reports give a skewed are often outright lies that would not be accepted by any other ethnic group. This, in the minds of the populous seems to then reveal itself as pure antisemitism. Nothing is done to prevent or curtail media bias, thus the world rise in antisemitism. Stop media bias and in my opinion antisemitism would decline as well.”

“A orthodox crime reporting organisation should be set up, the orthodox are hesitant to contact cst.”

“I think this is exactly the type of questions that others have been too frightened to ask in the past. Well done!”


5 thoughts on “What did respondents to our Anti-Semitism survey have to say – direct quotes!”

  1. You are promoting this statement: “77% of Jews had witnessed or experienced Anti-Semitism in the previous 12 months”. This is based on the following survey results. “77% of Jews questioned have witnessed antisemitism disguised as a political comment about Israel”.
    I have 2 issues with this, 1st is harsh rhetoric towards Israel considered AntiS? If some1 sees an AntiS comment on social Medio, do you considered it as “experienced” AntiS?

    1. Thank-you for your comment. However, your conclusion is quite incorrect. One of the specific questions we asked only those people who had indicated they had witnessed or experienced Anti-Semitism was the exact type of nature of the incident? As such, we had a clear indication:

      82% Verbal assault
      38% Intimidation or harassment
      30% Indirect, i.e. overheard
      23% Damage to property
      10% Physical assault
      3% Employment related.

      Therefore, it is absolutely clear that, unfortunately, respondents have reported witnessing or experiencing a wide range of Anti-Semitic hate not political comment about Israel.

      However, you do raise a legitimate question which deserves an answer.

      So here is our response:

      It is entirely possible criticize Israel without straying into Anti-Semitism. However, the reality of the evidence is that too often when individuals or groups do criticize Israel they do precisely stray into Anti-Semitic rhetoric as frequently demonstrated by the BDS movement.

      1. Thanks. Just to be clear. You are saying 77% of Jews you have spoken too witnessed 1 of the following:

        82% Verbal assault
        38% Intimidation or harassment
        30% Indirect, i.e. overheard
        23% Damage to property
        10% Physical assault
        3% Employment related.

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