Social media simply not doing enough to remove anti-Semitism

AntisemitismWatch recently reported on the role social media has played in the spread of Holocaust denial. Now a new report from The Online Hate Prevention Institute has tracked more than 2,000 anti-Semitic social network posts over 10 months. They found only 20 percent of them were removed!

The OHPI prepared its new report for the Global Forum to Combat Antisemitism, and its findings included:

  • What the OHPI called “traditional anti-Semitism”— conspiracy theories, racial slurs and accusations such as the blood libel — made up nearly one-half of the sample.
  • Content promoting violence against Jews was most likely to be found on Twitter (63 percent), followed by YouTube (23 percent) and Facebook (14 percent).
  • YouTube was the destination for the most content promoting Holocaust denial (44 percent), followed by Twitter (38 percent) and Facebook (18 percent).
  • The OHPI said the best response rates to this type of content came from Facebook, where content promoting violence against Jews has a 75 percent chance of being removed. Conversely, YouTube videos containing new anti-Semitism—related to the state of Israel—saw a removal rate of just 4 percent.


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