Dutch State Prosecutor Accused of Hiding Vicious Anti-Semitic Attack

A Dutch ‘CrimeWatch’ style TV program, Opsporing Verzocht, recently appealed for help in finding the vicious attackers of an elderly Dutch Jewish couple in their mid-eighties [Samuel (87) and Diana (86)]. The content of the program is determined by the State Prosecutor’s Office.

The police took photographs of the elderly victims © Police
The police took photographs of the elderly victims © Police

Samuel was left permanently blinded by the assailants and Diana was left unable to walk. Indeed, both are confined to a wheelchair. The two have also been forced to sell their house and now live in a nursing home .

In the course of the attack in their house, the cowardly invaders called them “dirty Jews” among other disgusting anti-Semitic insults. Yet the show completely failed to make mention of the anti-Semitic nature of the attack. At the time, the victims said that the attackers appeared to be “Arabic-Moroccan.”

When challenged as to why the obvious nature of the anti-Semitic assault had not been mentioned in the program, Franklin Wattimena, spokesman for the Public Prosecutor in Amsterdam, suggested that Samuel and Diana had not yet given their formal statement to police.

The victims lawyer, Herman Loon Stein, explained that the anti-Semitic feature of the attack was well understood by investigators and the program maker. He also complained that to leave it out potentially jeopardised the opportunity to  solve the case.

A spokesman for the Public Prosecutor has now sent a letter to the program makers requesting an additional broadcast. Whether the request of Loon Stein can be honored, the PPS can not say.

The couple’s son has offered a reward of 10,000 euros for information leading to the arrest of the offenders.

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