Breaking news: Labour Party launches probe into Oxford Uni Labour anti-Semitism controversy

On February 16th reported on a controversy that had broken out over anti-Semitic allegations involving Oxford University’s Labour Club.

2016-02-16-08-02-49-620037710Now the Labour party’s national student organisation has launched an inquiry into the allegations.

A co-chairman of the club, Alex Chalmers, resigned earlier this week, claiming a large proportion of members “have some kind of problem with Jews”. He alleged that some members have expressed support for the Islamist group Hamas.

A decision by the club to support Israel Apartheid Week, has angered some Labour MPs who have called for the party to dissociate itself from OULC.

The Oxford University Jewish Society said it was “high time” that the issue of antisemitism within the student left was confronted: “When antisemitism intersects with Palestinian solidarity politics, it is not the job of Jewish students to be quiet, but the job of Palestinian solidarity activists to rid their movement of anti-Jewish prejudice.”

A Labour party spokeswoman said the party supported an inquiry announced by Labour Students, the national students’ group affiliated to the party. “Following recent allegations of antisemitic behaviour and intimidation at Oxford University Labour Club, Labour Students have launched an immediate investigation and the Labour party welcomes and supports this action. If complaints are made about any individual member of the Labour party, the party will take robust action to deal with any antisemitic behaviour.”

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