Disturbing new anti-Semitic targeting of Jews in Germany

Berlin, Germany – Since October 2015 there has been instances of the deliberate targeting of Jews and Israelis with anti-Semitic propaganda. The vile material has been attached to cars or left on balconies of members belonging to the local Jewish population or of visiting/resident Israelis.

anon germanyOn October 11 2015, an Israeli living in Savignyplatz found an anti-Semitic note attached to her car. In November 2015, a similar note was thrown onto the balconies of two Israeli families and in December, left on the cars of members of the Jewish community in Grunewald.

On January 31, a note was found on the balcony of a Jewish resident living near the Kurfürstendamm. On January 14, two such items were left as posters on walls in public areas on the corner of Kurfürstendamm / Bleibtreustraße.anon germany2

On January 28, a new anti-Semitic poster was applied to the traffic lights next to Olivaer Square.

The police are investigating.

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