TV channel rapped for hate broadcasts

Islamic religious channel, Peace TV has been rapped by Ofcom for broadcasting content, which was perceived potentially “harmful” and “highly offensive” during September last year.
As part of Ofcom’s routine monitoring, it viewed and translated two editions of ‘Azmat-e-Islam’. These two programmes were recordings of public lectures given by the Islamic scholar Dr Israr Ahmad, who died in April 2010.
Ofcom considered that in these two programmes Israr Ahmad repeatedly portrayed Jewish people as a homogenous group and in overwhelmingly negative and stereotypical terms. Among other things, Israr Ahmed accused Jewish people of “hatching conspiracies”; considering “non-Jews” to be “not human”; and considering it acceptable to “cheat non-Jews, to rob them and to deceive them”.
He also asserted as fact highly negative stereotypes about the allegedly pernicious behaviour of Jewish people in history. Israr Ahmed made allegations about the role of “Jewish bankers” during the First World War (“lay[ing] down their roots like a cancer… [to take] the whole of Europe in their grip”) and in the present day (“they want to bring the world to heel through the global banking network”).
Israr Ahmad
Israr Ahmad

He further referred to the inflammatory “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – accepted as an anti-Semitic forgery written to demonstrate a Jewish conspiracy to achieve financial and political power world-wide – as a factual document containing “in great detail” the plans of “some very powerful Jews”.

Ofcom said, “In our view the terms used to describe Jewish people such as “like a cancer”, “evil genius”, “their poison”, “cursed people” and “cursed race” were particularly strong and inflammatory and we considered there was a likelihood that these comments had the potential to harm community cohesion by promoting highly negative anti-Semitic views to viewers of Peace TV Urdu.”

Peace TV said it took the issue “very seriously” and “sincerely regret having broadcast Dr Ahmad’s views on this matter, which are not consistent with [its] beliefs, and will not do so again”. It added that it had “reviewed all our processes to ensure there is no repeat” of this incident again.

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