Jewish leaders in Europe start to catch up with AntiSemitismWatch survey


In July 2015 AntiSemitismWatch published the results of its groundbreaking survey on anti-Semitism in the UK. The first survey to focus on the ultra Orthodox Jewish communities, the theory tested was whether the day-to-day experience of the most visible sections of the UK Jewish community was different to the general community typically surveyed.

A huge 87% of all respondents believed that Anti-Semitism had increased over the previous 12 months which probably accounted for why 58% either were uncertain or did not believe the long-term future of the UK Jewish community was secure and / or viable.

Now another survey has finally asked that latter key question of leaders of European Jewish communities. 40 percent of respondents maintained that anti-Semitism poses a serious threat to the future of Jewish life in their country.

The results appeared in the Third Survey of European Jewish Leaders and Opinion Formers, which was published Monday by the International Center for Community Development of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. The survey is based on replies gathered last year from 314 respondents.

The anti-Semitism fears are the highest recorded by JDC since it launched its first survey of this kind in 2008. That year, only 10 percent of respondents ranked the phenomenon as the most serious threat facing their communities. In the following survey, conducted in 2011, the figure rose to 26%.

In an indication, potentially, of the disconnect in perception between the leaders surveyed and the communities at large the poll figures also showed that alienation of Jews from Jewish life (61%), weakness of Jewish organizations (55%) and demographic decline (51%) were ranked by them as more pressing issues.


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