Australian high school principal apologises to Jewish students over anti-Semitic chants

Reported in the Australian Daily Telegraph: The principal of an elite Sydney high school has apologised to the students of a Jewish school after some student spectators yelled anti-Semitic chants during a friendly touch football game.

Year eight players from Moriah College were subjected to chants of “Jew FC” and “****ing Jews” by fans of Reddam House during the game last week.

2016-03-10-09-15-17--371288810In a statement from the school, Reddam principal Dave Pitcairn said with seven Jewish students in their own team “it defies belief” that any of his students took part in the chants against Moriah.

“The students are all aware that this behaviour will not be tolerated and that, should racial vilification rear its head again, the students involved would be asked to leave our school immediately,” Mr Pitcairn said.

“I am convinced that this is an isolated incident of stupidity rather than any religious or racial vilification and have never come across this before in my sixteen years as principal of Reddam House.”

Moriah College principal John Hamey said he asked the boys from the other team to stop their chants on the day.images-2

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