British actor helps anti-Semites to identify themselves

British comedian and actor David Schneider posted on Tuesday a useful tweet to enable anti-Semites to potentially identify themselves.

Photo of David Schneider via Twitter account
Photo of David Schneider via Twitter account

Titled “Are You Anti-Semitic?”, the tweet lists six signs that may be indicative of anti-Semitism.


“If you think “Israel,” “Zionists,” and “Jews,” are interchangeable terms,” you may well be anti-Semitic,” Schneider wrote.

Using the term “Rothschild” as a stand-in for Jews is also a sign of anti-Semitism, Schneider pointed out. Saying that “the Jews aren’t a race so I’m not racist,” or “the Jews aren’t the only Semites so I’m not anti-Semite” are also tell-tale signs, according to Schneider.

Schneider also highlighted that if you believe in the age-old accusation of Jews controlling the media, finance, politics and the BBC, “You are anti-Semitic.”

Responses to Schneider’s message were, unsurprisingly, heavily laced with anti-Semitism, with one user writing: “And I thought the blacks were the race of eternal victimhood. #Getoveryourself.”

Another wrote that “Judaism seems to be the only religion people cannot criticize.”

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