Neo-Nazis turn up unannounced in Golders Green – Protest against Shomrim

IMG-20160402-WA0004On the day the attention of police and media focused on dozens of far-right neo-nazis in Dover, another neo-nazi group turned up unannounced in the heart of Golders Green on Shabbat to protest against the local Shomrim community group.

In Kent their presence resulted in clashes with police in an angry protest over immigration and ISIS which brought Dover to a standstill.

The march by the East Kent Alliance and a counter protest from Kent Anti Racism Network saw supporters of the far-right groups English Defence League and the National Front join forces.

Police arrested 12 people for offences, including for failing to remove a mask. Hundreds of officers in riot gear were deployed.


IMG-20160402-WA0003Meanwhile, in London a small number of them turned up with banners containing photographs of Shomrim members complaining that, “This is London not Tel Aviv”. Another had a photograph of the Shomrim patrol vehicle and a slogan that read, “One rule for them another for us” and that, “Police impersonation is a crime, no exceptions”.


It was a short-lived demonstration that drew little community or police reaction. Even so, some of the neo-nazis felt obliged to cover their faces.

Shomrim is a street patrol organization, a sort of Neighbourhood Watch-plus, and has been operating against what it calls “quality-of-life nuisance crimes” since 2008. There are such voluntary groups operating in Golders Green and Stamford Hill.

The anti-Shomrim protest was similar to another small-scale protest held in Stamford Hill in April 2015.  The original proponent of these anti-Shomrim focused events, Joshua Bonehill.  is a neo-nazi who now finds himself serving a lengthy prison sentence. One can only hope that a similar fate befalls the remainder of them!

2 thoughts on “Neo-Nazis turn up unannounced in Golders Green – Protest against Shomrim”

  1. Shomrim are impersonating police officers & should be arrested like any other member of the public would be.

    Police Act 1996 s 90 created offences relating to the impersonation of a police officer:

    (1) Any person who with intent to deceive impersonates a member of a police force or special constable, or makes any statement or does any act calculated falsely to suggest that he is such a member or constable, shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale, or to both.

    (2) Any person who, not being a constable, wears any article of police uniform in circumstances where it gives him an appearance so nearly resembling that of a member of a police force as to be calculated to deceive shall be guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.

    1. Shomrim is a well established voluntary charity, which acts as a mobile neighbourhood watch, funded solely by non mandatory donations from the communities within our operational area.

      We are not a police force and we do not impersonate or attempt to replace the Police. Our unpaid volunteers and unpaid staff are compiled of men and women of the local neigbourhood regardless of their ethnicity or religious affiliation.

      Our reflective and non reflective jackets are clearly marked on the front and back with the word SHOMRIM.

      Our high visibility vehicle is clearly marked with the word SHOMRIM in large lettering on the front, rear, sides and even if seen from above.

      The vehicle and its livery fully comply with the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 and the Road Vehicles Lighting and Goods Vehicle (Plating/Testing) (Amendment) Regs 2009

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