Italian football giants punished for fans anti-Semitic chants

Italy’s football governing body has punished the country’s top team, Juventus, for its fans shouting anti-Semitic chants.

2016-04-19-20-50-20-1531314963The anti-Semitic chants were heard coming from there on Sunday during the team’s 4-0 win over Palermo in the Serie A championship match.

The punishment consists of an order to close a section of the club’s stadium in Turin. However, the sanction will only be enforced if there is a repeat of the behaviour. The Curva Sud section represents about a quarter of the stadium.

According to the chant’s chorus, for which Juventus has been punished in the past, people from Florence, where the team’s chief rival is based, are “not Italian” but “a bunch of Jews.”

AntiSemitismWatch has previously reported on other instances of anti-Semitism linked to Italian football. The most recent episode focused o  Italian football journalist David Guetta. Described as a proud Florentine, with an obviously Italian Jewish name.

guettadavidppAfter a European cup match against Tottenham at White Hart Lane, Guetta took the tube back to central London and was recognised by a group of Fiorentina fans. Those fans then started to bombard him with anti-Semitic abuse. (Read the report here.)

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