Man goes wild in Williamsburg synagogue – Video of it emerges

Shocking video footage emerged of a male going berserk in Apta Synagogue in Williamsburg, New York.

A Brooklyn synagogue was attacked by a crazed anti-Semite on Thursday morning.

The incident, which occurred at the “Apta” Satmar Hasidic synagogue on Lee Avenue in Williamsburg, was captured by the synagogue’s security cameras.

While the circumstances behind the attack are unclear, witnesses said a man burst into the synagogue just after morning prayers, attacking a group of congregants who had stayed on to study Talmud.

The attacker tried swinging a ladder at the congregants. When he failed to injure anyone, he became even more enraged and began overturning benches and tables.

Those present in the synagogue quickly fled, notifying the police and Shomrim.

Members of the Shomrim quickly arrived and detained the attacker, holding him until police officers arrived and took the man into custody.

The male being detained.
The male being detained.



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