Jewish cemetery in Germany attacked over first days of Passover

A Jewish cemetery in Moisling, Germany has been attacked by vandals during the first days of the festival of Passover.  Those responsible knocked over eight grave stones.

“It’s not the first time that such a thing happened and the peace of the dead is disturbed in this reprehensible manner”, said Rabbi Yakov Yosef Harety.

Grabsteine-auf-juedischem-Friedhof-umgekippt_mobileWide“Intolerance and anti-Semitism still exist in this society. I hope that the perpetrators are apprehended and punished appropriately”, said the Rabbi.

In addition, the local municipality has indicated that despite a constant police presence in the vicinity of the synagogue in St. Ann’s Street, the building has had a window shattered. The cause is still to be established but again an anti-Semitic attack cannot be ruled out.

Given both incidents, the police and authorities are treating them as hate crimes and have appealed for information.0001e63n_mobileWide

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