Pathetic CUNY response to “Zionist pig” outrage

The City University of New York disciplinary committee has handed down the minimum punishment to two Brooklyn College students involved in a Students for Justice in Palestine protest. They had invaded a faculty meeting and called a Jewish faculty professor a “Zionist pig.”

CUNYThe two seniors at the university, had faced possible expulsion after their participation in the February protest where, the college president also alleged , students made anti-Semitic statements.

But on May 20, the two were found “not culpable” of most charges.

They received the minimal penalty of “admonition,” the Center for Constitutional Rights wrote in a statement .

CUNY is the university, by the way, that the New York State Senate voted to slash $485 million of its funding to “send a message” that they have not done enough to fight campus anti-Semitism.

The radical decision was all the more poignant considering the university was once frequently referred to as “the Jewish Harvard”.

State Senator Ken LaValle of Long Island, chair of the chamber’s committee on higher education, described a pattern of anti-Semitic incidents, “and these are the things that the Senate Republican conference says are intolerable and must stop.”

Mort Klein, the president of Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), praised the move to defund. The group, who sent an open letter to the University, has been at the forefront of challenging CUNY to take action.

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