Antisemitism has been called the longest hatred.

Antisemitism is a globalized phenomenon – even in societies with few or no Jews – and has led to some of the most horrifying events in human history.

Though it has never disappeared, it is on the rise once more.

coollogo_com-23172872Where it happens we shall find it and report on it. Why? Because we here at AntiSemitismWatch.com believe that only by understanding the wider global context of Antisemitism can we properly start to understand and challenge this evil. Only by moving away from navel gazing in just our own back yard can progress be made.

Our strength not only lies in our perhaps unique global coverage but in our strict independence. As such, you will never find us looking for donations or seeking funding. All too often campaigners, particularly within our community, appear to lose the strength of their voice when needing to simultaneously ask for money from those they may need to critically evaluate.

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  1. Dear Supporters of Israel,

    I am an American Jew who is very concerned about the superior Palestinian PR movement going on in the U.S. and the world. This morning I awoke to read an article from the Al Jazeera “News Network”, entitled:

    “How Impunity Defines Israel and Victimises Palestinians”,
    which is accompanied by a close up photo of a Palestinian terrorist shot dead by an Israeli soldier, and many people’s
    hands placed upon the dead man’s body, in support of him.

    Every day, I read two or three such highly negative PR articles written by Al Jazeera, which is funded by the Qatar government. It is well known that Qatar is a big supporter of Hamas. These articles are in Yahoo news, the 6th most widely read internet site in the world.

    About 6 years ago, when I first noticed Al Jazeera in Yahoo News, I was very surprised that Yahoo allowed them into its news mix. And I also knew what Al Jazeera was up to: I watched their progression from publishing general interest stories for several years to develop an image as a reputable news source, to more recently writing only highly negative propaganda pieces about Israel.

    What is even more surprising to me, is that Israel and prominent American Jewish groups both allowed this to occur, and never countered with factual pro-Israeli articles on a regular basis.

    As an aware individual, with an MBA in marketing, I know that it takes only 6 or 7 exposures for a person to become aware of a specific idea in the media, and often to believe it to be the truth. Al Jazeera and other pro-Palestinian PR machines have effectively used this simple but powerful concept to turn people’s
    minds and hearts away from Israel and toward their own cause. This is quite evident in the very negative world view of Israel in recent years.

    I implore the AIPAC to coordinate a powerful counter PR effort with the other prominent American and Israeli organizations to stem the tide of all this negativity. It would be a relatively simple task to have daily stories of the devastation that daily Palestinian knife and gun attacks have on the families of the people killed in these terrorist activities. Also stories of what it is like for Israelis to live in daily fear of someone running up to them out of nowhere and stabbing them, or blowing them up, would create much needed empathy from Americans and the rest of the world.

    Thank you for your prompt and serious attention to this matter.

    Robert Hirschhorn, MBA, LMFT

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