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4 thoughts on “Let us know”

  1. Thanks for you work, keep up the good fight.

    About this Dawn Party March. Not to defend them or anything. Their excuse to march in Stamford Hill was the sign that segregates Man and women; to walk on opposite sides of the street. (They also think it’s enforced by the Shomrim).

    A sign like this is a new phenomenon, was not done by our Rabbis before. Public space must be kept secular in nature. No intimidation for Religious or secular ppl.

    How would we feel if ppl put up a sign: you must wear a cross in this neighborhood?

    This sign is wrong, should come down. If our extremist don’t agree with should protest against them.

    We cannot give our enemy’s a legitimate excuse.


    1. Thanks for your post. Our understanding, not to defend the sign but just to provide some context, is that it was placed up for a large levayah (funeral), where men and women would stand separately (as they would at any religious ceremony). The sign, which was clearly placed up in poor judgement (i.e. without explaining the context), was not designed to segregate the sexes as part of everyday life but just for this one event. Notwithstanding that, it is a example of how this insular part of the community can become exposed to further Anti-Semitism through an act of naivety.

      1. Didn’t know it was a one time event. I don’t mind when ppl chose to be insular, that’s part of Liberty (Important concept in the US, not so much in Europe). However, like i said Public space must be kept secular.


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